Keeping it cool in the summer heat!

August and September months can sometimes seem to drag on for me. It is HOT here in AZ, and after all the summer fun with no strict schedules and adventures out-of-town whenever we can possibly swing it, it can get a tad miserable at times. BUT, my little tribe of men, along with precious family and friends, found lots of ways to keep entertained and somewhat cool these last few months of extreme heat.

The zoo (best in the state), my husband’s fishing trip in AK, the AZ Crawfish festival with all it’s fun face painting in the cool pines, back to school fun and treats, IG filters, baths, play dates with family, cooking off boxed recipes (the graham cracker treats were delicious), staycation at the Wigwam (our favorite spot), concerts, tasting new restaurants with friends, Modern Round with family, some Chuck-E-Cheese fun, and brotherly bonding kept us cool.

Now that it’s October, we are so pumped and ready for the cool weather coming and all the festivities it will bring!

Ready for an update?!

Wow, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve given a proper post to my page. I’m back and promise to be more active! Personally, a lot has happened over the last 12 months. Between a miscarriage, followed by a healthy long pregnancy with our FOURTH son (he was 8 days overdue), to having our sweet babe over the summer…I’ve been a little occupied. Now with my oldest two in school (1st and preK), I’m hoping to find a little time to update photos, activities we’ve been up to and other topics that touch my heart.

For my first post back, I think I’ll share my amazing maternity pictures taken from my bestie Diana Elizabeth. These were taken back in March, I was about 32 weeks pregnant and had all the mommy feels knowing this would probably be my last pregnancy. Diana did an incredible job capturing that moment in my family’s life. The setting, my handsome men, even our dog Ranger, were just perfect.

We had such a great time at the family home in Flagstaff where Andrew spent his summers growing up. It’s such a special, beautiful place. And that vintage Bronco was Andrew’s grandfather’s! We will treasure these pictures forever.

Now let’s fast forward to late June when Markson arrived (finally!). I had to be induced since he was so overdue, which I wasn’t excited about. I was induced with my first son, Anderson, and it was a very, extremely difficult delivery (like 32 hours of labor then two hours of pushing kind of difficult delivery). I was a bit anxious, but I sure felt the prayers, love and support of our wonderful family and friends that day. He was born Friday, June 23rd after 12 hours of labor and a few pushes. Markson debuted at 9lbs 11oz, 22.5 inches long…perfection! I took one look at him and thought to myself, yep, that’s one of mine. He fits into our family just perfect and resembles each of his brothers in some special way. He is so sweet spirited, easy to console and an overall happy baby. We are so thankful and blessed beyond measure. He is a miracle, just like his brothers. Our hearts are so full of joy! These pictures depict our family dynamic pretty well, and everyone’s adoration of baby brother. Thank you to my friend Jennifer Markle for documenting him at one week young.

I just love looking back through these pictures. He is so darn cute!!!!

We had a nice summer, mostly spent indoors if we weren’t at my parent’s cabin in Lakeside. We did squeeze in one quick trip to Flagstaff and Heber before school started, but mostly we were home keeping cool…turns out it’s not too easy to travel with a newborn and three youngsters in tow. All the boys have adjusted so well and just when I felt like we had a good routine figured out, school started..ha!

Thankful for a good start to school and boys enjoying their teachers and classmates. Let’s get this school year started!

August Celebrations!

We have some special celebrations in August, starting with the newest addition to our family, sweet little Even Daniel Kerr! He was born on the 4th and is so handsome, sweet and chunky! Just look at his hair.img_8741img_8764

Then at the end of the month, the 28th to be exact, is Papa’s birthday! We headed up to the cabin to celebrate him properly!img_8765

It’s almost ready!!!img_8768img_8991

Often times you can spot cute little monkeys in the trees at the cabin!img_8995

These girls are great fisher-women!img_8998img_9001img_9003

Look what Uncle Wes caught! That frog was kinda freaky moving all around.img_9005img_9009img_9012

Ardon loved his new froggy friend!img_9014

Decorating cupcakes for Papa’s birthday!img_9017img_9019img_9026

Cousin fun everywhere!img_9032img_9035img_9040

Laying on the hammock making funny faces with this kid is fun!img_9041img_9042img_9043img_9045img_9050img_9052

We sure love you Papa! How are family is so abundantly blessed by you. And what an impact your making in the lives of your grandchildren.

Back to School!

All too quickly summer was over. We had a group check up with Dr. Irwin, the best pediatrician ever.


I’m so very thankful for my healthy tribe of sons!img_8752

I had to throw these shots in here. He wanted me to take pictures of him shooting animals for dinner.img_8753img_8754

He’s a bit of a ham. (ps- GO TEAM USA!)img_8757

We had Kindergarten orientation. He was so proud of his classroom and desk!img_8758img_8771

First day of school pictures! Sometimes it takes a few…img_8773img_8774img_8779img_8788img_8791img_8794

My handsome boys!img_8797img_8803

I pray for them every day they’re at school. They have such kind hearts. I am thankful to watch them grown into wonderful young gentlemen. Here’s to a great school year!

Bison Ranch

For the last several years our little family has enjoyed going up to Overgaard to stay at the unique Bison Ranch resort. Usually the Arizona Crawfish Festival is going on when we plan our stay, but this year it was cancelled. We missed all the fun the festival offers,  but we didn’t miss out on any adventure with all our family who could make it up with us!


This was just two years ago, times sure flies…and the kids sure grow!img_8546

My tuckered out crew as we headed up the mountain.

The first morning there, dad took the big bros out on the lake to drop the crawfish traps, so Ardon and I spent a long time hanging out with these pretty horses.


He is the cutest farm boy!img_8565


He likes these moments when he gets all my attention, all to himself!


Meanwhile, out on the lake…they were getting hammered by a late afternoon downpour! They had so much fun!!img_8684img_8685

They might have been just a little cold…


But overall, these Kimmerle boys know how to have fun whenever they’re together!img_8568

The next day it was Ardon’s turn to go out on the lake with dad, Uncle Matt and Mikey to pick up the crawfish traps. So the big bros and I headed down to the pool. Mason always knows how to get comfortable!img_8572

My sweet boys are always picking momma pretty flowers. These ones went straight in my hair!


This kid is all sunshine!img_8585


Meanwhile, out on the lake…img_8676


Way to go guys, they caught us dinner!img_8687

They’re so cute!


Are your boots a little wet, Ardon?


One of the many traps!


Before dinner we found some sweet treats to eat on the porch while the guys cooked up hamburgers, hotdogs and crawfish!img_8607

The twins liked those little guys!img_8609

Petting the crawfish before we boil them for dinner! Ha.img_8612img_8618


Anderson picked out three to keep alive as ‘pets’…they each had names and little personalities. It was so sweet watching him play with them in his own little crawfish world.img_8680

He was fearless.img_8681


Learning how to flip burgers with dad.img_8628

We walked out to the big fire ring after dinner to roast marshmallows around the fire!img_8629img_8632


The next morning we took out the Tomcar through forest roads behind Bison Ranch. Always a fun time!img_8634img_8636img_8638

Then we enjoyed lunch at the Picnic Basket before the Randl’s headed home.img_8644img_8648

We love our police officers, state troopers and firemen!img_8653

After lunch we headed up the the cabin for one more night in cooler weather before big brothers started school. Dad is so much fun to fish with.img_8656img_8658

And mom would do anything for her boys, even bait a hook with a worm…img_8667

I love bath tub pics of my sweet boys!img_8672

And it usually tends to get a little wet and wild!



One last time fishing in Papa’s pond before we headed home!img_8692img_8695

The worms feel funny!img_8696img_8700

Way to go Mase!img_8702img_8705img_8710

We love the cabin. And coon hats.img_8719img_8723img_8724

Group selfie attempts!img_8727img_8728

I am so very thankful for the fun times we spend together doing new things, learning new things and making new memories as a family.

Baby Sister’s Bachelorette Weekend!

My baby sister, Julie is getting married October 15. I can close my eyes and just like that I am five years old helping mom take care of her, my newborn baby sister, who just came home from the hospital. She was my real life baby doll, and we always have had a special bond.

Her bride tribe had such an awesome time celebrating her up in Sedona. Julie has great friends and together we made some amazing memories over the weekend!

My sister, Erin, and I were in charge of decorations and games for the weekend. The following was some of our inspiration with the theme ‘Bride Tribe’:


I think you get the idea! We made the sign Bride Tribe and some cool arrowhead streamers with our mom’s Cricut. As we drove up to Sedona we made our head pieces with feathers, tassels and all. They all turned out different, and so cute!

Our first winery was Page Springs Cellars. Gorgeous grounds, delicious food and wine, and awesome services for purchase if you were staying for the day. img_8478img_8480img_8482img_8483

We all hiked down to the creek, so pretty.img_8486img_8488img_8489img_8490

Next stop was Javelina Leap!img_8493


We had so much fun and enjoyed a really neat behind the scenes tour.img_8494img_8495img_8496img_8499

All ready to check in at Sedona Summit!img_8503

For dinner we devoured amazing Mexican food at Javelina Cantina. CHEERS to the BRIDE!img_8504

She’s so cute!

After dinner we played a really fun Disney love songs game. Some songs were super hard to guess from the different movies, while others were a no brainer (Beauty and the Beast…all time favorite!). It was the perfect game that got us all rooting for our teams and laughing deliriously until we were utterly exhausted from the fun day.img_8506

Check out these awesome temporary tattoos Erin found on Amazon! They were spot on and each of tribe wore one; Julie had a BRIDE tat that matched the theme.

The next morning we relaxed by the hotel pool, cleaned up, grabbed brunch at Wildflower Bread Co., then headed back down the mountain for home. It was a quick getaway, but the weather and company could not have been better. Love you Julie and so excited for your special day!

My Mouth’s Journey…


So my smile didn’t always look this way! Well, it was never terrible, but my bite sure was and that was virtually unseen when I smiled. After lots of jaw issues due to my open bite, it eventually led to a diagnosis of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome/Disorder). I was referred to a pain management specialist, and after several months seeing him I was trained to practice exercises and create new jaw habits at home that helped prevent my jaw from locking. This, however, did nothing for the day to day constant pain from chewing food, talking and laughing which made the jaw pain a constant issue I learnt to live with.

Then in 2013, at a dentist appointment, my dentist recommended me to a orthodontist who specializes in a TMJ procedure that does require braces but not surgery. I was interested, made a consultation appointment and was very pleased with everything I learned. The only thing holding me back was that we just found out I was expecting our third little bundle of joy! Since an X-Ray was required to make sure I didn’t have rheumatoid arthritis in my jaw, the procedure was put on hold until after baby arrived. Praise the Lord our third precious boy, Ardon, was born in May of 2014!! Just six months later in November I began the journey on correcting my bite. Here’s the timeline of the ‘closing my bite’ process: November 2014 to January 2015 I had rubber band spacers, January 2015 to July 2015 I had two TADS (temporary anchoring devices) placed into the roof of my mouth and an expander installed, July 2015-July 2016 braces with TADS. July 21,1016 BRACES REMOVED! Although the process was painful at times and very uncomfortable the entire time, I know every trial in life brings personal growth and appreciation, and oh my do I have appreciation for my bite, healthy teeth and an essentially pain free mouth!


The above two shots are from 2013 during my first consultation with the specialist at Murphy Orthodontics.


The above two were taken about three months into having the expander and TADS. You can start to see the bite closing compared to my very first picture. Metal mouth is an understatement.



These photos were taken the day the expander was removed and braces were placed. The expander made my teeth so crooked, it’s hard to look at these without cringing. BUT, you can see my bite is now fully closed after six months in the expander!



Just 23 months after braces were placed, my teeth are all lined up and nearly ready for my braces to be taken off. This was the day the TADS were removed!!! Also, Dr. Murphy balanced the length of my two front teeth so they were perfectly even at the end of the appointment.


The above two shots are my last pictures of the process! Braces, expander and TADS are removed to reveal a happy closed bite! I think if you look closely you can see my teeth are actually smiling, too! Having these corrections have truly been life changing.


The morning of the BIG DAY! Last picture of my metal mouth!!! See ya, not gonna miss ya!


Do you see my name on the board? Wohoo!


Dr. Murphy and one of his assistants. Such an awesome team!img_8329



I couldn’t thank Murphy Orthodontics enough. The staff is incredible and Dr. Murphy sure knows his stuff. My dentist about fell off his chair at my dental checkup a few weeks later. All of this done surgery free! I thank my lucky stars to have the bite I do today. And I am reminded that all good things definitely come with work, patience, and in some cases a bit of pain and humility. So much to be thankful for!