Bison Ranch

For the last several years our little family has enjoyed going up to Overgaard to stay at the unique Bison Ranch resort. Usually the Arizona Crawfish Festival is going on when we plan our stay, but this year it was cancelled. We missed all the fun the festival offers,  but we didn’t miss out on any adventure with all our family who could make it up with us!


This was just two years ago, times sure flies…and the kids sure grow!img_8546

My tuckered out crew as we headed up the mountain.

The first morning there, dad took the big bros out on the lake to drop the crawfish traps, so Ardon and I spent a long time hanging out with these pretty horses.


He is the cutest farm boy!img_8565


He likes these moments when he gets all my attention, all to himself!


Meanwhile, out on the lake…they were getting hammered by a late afternoon downpour! They had so much fun!!img_8684img_8685

They might have been just a little cold…


But overall, these Kimmerle boys know how to have fun whenever they’re together!img_8568

The next day it was Ardon’s turn to go out on the lake with dad, Uncle Matt and Mikey to pick up the crawfish traps. So the big bros and I headed down to the pool. Mason always knows how to get comfortable!img_8572

My sweet boys are always picking momma pretty flowers. These ones went straight in my hair!


This kid is all sunshine!img_8585


Meanwhile, out on the lake…img_8676


Way to go guys, they caught us dinner!img_8687

They’re so cute!


Are your boots a little wet, Ardon?


One of the many traps!


Before dinner we found some sweet treats to eat on the porch while the guys cooked up hamburgers, hotdogs and crawfish!img_8607

The twins liked those little guys!img_8609

Petting the crawfish before we boil them for dinner! Ha.img_8612img_8618


Anderson picked out three to keep alive as ‘pets’…they each had names and little personalities. It was so sweet watching him play with them in his own little crawfish world.img_8680

He was fearless.img_8681


Learning how to flip burgers with dad.img_8628

We walked out to the big fire ring after dinner to roast marshmallows around the fire!img_8629img_8632


The next morning we took out the Tomcar through forest roads behind Bison Ranch. Always a fun time!img_8634img_8636img_8638

Then we enjoyed lunch at the Picnic Basket before the Randl’s headed home.img_8644img_8648

We love our police officers, state troopers and firemen!img_8653

After lunch we headed up the the cabin for one more night in cooler weather before big brothers started school. Dad is so much fun to fish with.img_8656img_8658

And mom would do anything for her boys, even bait a hook with a worm…img_8667

I love bath tub pics of my sweet boys!img_8672

And it usually tends to get a little wet and wild!



One last time fishing in Papa’s pond before we headed home!img_8692img_8695

The worms feel funny!img_8696img_8700

Way to go Mase!img_8702img_8705img_8710

We love the cabin. And coon hats.img_8719img_8723img_8724

Group selfie attempts!img_8727img_8728

I am so very thankful for the fun times we spend together doing new things, learning new things and making new memories as a family.

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